Lisa Ring

Web developer & UX-designer

I'm Lisa, a web developer and UX-designer currently working as a consultant at Netlight Consulting in Stockholm. I'm originally from Umeå in northern Sweden and I like to cultivate things on my balcony.

I like to use my mixed compentece to create great, user friendly services to be used by people and love to make the web more accessible for everyone.

Making the IT-industry more equal is another topic close to my heart and I regularly hold workshops at communities such as The Code Pub, Pink programming, Introduce a girl to engineering day and Tjejer kodar.


SVT Play Öppet arkiv - Nostalgitrippen Apollo - cityresor Sales by Crowd

SVT is the public service TV-broadcaster in Sweden. I work as web developer mainly with SVT Play.

Netlight is an independent, value driven consulting firm based on a culture of social professionalism. My expertise is primarily web development and UX-design.

Sales by Crowd provides qualified business meetings by connecting people online in an innovative way. I worked here during the start up as an UX-designer and frontend developer.

Acino is an agile IT company with a passion for digital development, transparent dialogues and agile practices. My role was UX-designer and frontend developer.